GoldenStar Casino Review

Golden Star Casino Review
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Golden Star Registration: informative and accessible

Every client of Golden Star Casino is required to familiarize with Terms of Service registered on 26.08.2016. Any rejection of company rules excludes the ability to use online services of the website.

How to start playing

You can join the Golden Star Casino activities after completing the following simple instructions:

  • Confirm the acceptance of Rules and Regulations of the online-resource via registration and account entry.
  • Fill up the specialized form and provide reliable personal information.
  • Validate the specified information via personal mail messenger.
  • Select game mode; in case of a special game mode – top-up the personal balance.

Rights and Responsibilitis of Golden Star Players

Every new player, once completed the registration procedure at online-service, has the right to open one account only. In order to verify personal data and new player status, Administration maintains the right to check the user’s IP-address. Any additional accounts under the same user, once found, can be a basis for blocking the account and annulment of all stakes. Besides that, based on Rules and Regulations, all win money and bonuses received by the user during the period of parallel accounts utilization, are subject to abolition. 

Resolution of Technical Issues Associated with New Account

Every player has the right to contact the online-service Administration with a claim to register a new game account by emailing [email protected] According to the new Rules and Regulations, the existing account will be automatically blocked and new one will be created. In order to avoid any disputes or issues, Casino player is required to inform the Manger regarding several active accounts linked to one user.

Online-Service Administration maintains the right to reject the application to register a new game account in accordance with Rules and Regulations of GoldenStar Online-Service.

Special Features of Online-Resource Use 

The Management Team has developed a number of adaptive instructions for online-service users in order to ensure a simplified new user registration process:

  1. Enter the website. The creation of accounts is available for mobile devices in order to ensure users comfort.
  2. Find the registration form at the user’s interactive webpage.
  3. Answer the questions in the form as precise as possible by providing correct information.
  4. Create a high-security level password.
  5. Define the financial range that is planned for user’s use.
  6. Confirm that you are above 18 years old.
  7. Follow the link that has been provided in the email.

Upon completion of registration procedure, a user will be granted with access to entire games assortment, as well as well as bonus and discounts systems, and available game modes: demo-version, main game and online games with real dealers.

Advantages for new players, who joined Online-Casino

Every new user is provided with a bonus package by Administration:

  • 100% bonus for the first deposit
  • 75% - for the second and 50% for the third financial investment at the website.
There are 100 free spins and customer loyalty program available for newly registered players. Users, who start playing at Golden Star website for the first time, are provided with a demo-version of a game hall. Likewise, any player can test his skills with help of a training module with subsequent transition to the main game mode.

In case of any technical issues related to online-service use, feel free to contact a 24/7 Website Support Service that operates efficiently and answers any questions.

Goden Star Casino Bonuses

Online-Casino welcomes all fans and experts in gambling world. Golden Star is in top 10 online casinos, thanks to its high-quality software, impeccable service and beneficial bonus policy.

100% + 100 free spins for the first deposit

Every player has the right for replenishment of bonus accounts. The main condition – is registration and funds deposit for game stakes. New players are offered a reward for the first deposit – 100% of deposited amount + 100 free spins. With help of rewards each player receives an opportunity to increase the startup capital. 

In order to receive a bonus, it is required to top-up the game balance with minimum of 20 EUR and activate the bonus inside personal profile by keying-in bonus code GS100. In order to withdraw win money after receiving bonus, a player is required to win back the balance amount.

There is a term in casino called “wager” – a certain number of stakes required for withdrawal of accrued bonus points. The number of stakes is regulated by rules and in this case equals to x40; in other words, the request to withdraw funds is valid only in case when the account balance is 40 times higher than personal balance. 

There is a limit of 100 EUR set to win back the bonus and any amounts exceeding the limit are considered invalid. This condition is stipulated inside the Rules and Regulations.

Players can opt for free spins (i.e. free spins amount is directly related to the number of times a player can play without a requirement to win back). In other words, it is a freebie that does not require any obligations. Reward spins are given within 5 days after bonus activation, i.e. 20 spins per day.

It is worth pointing out a condition, according to which a player cannot place a bet exceeding the limit preset by the casino during the win-back period of 1 EUR bonus amount. The conditions are stipulated in rules related to accrual and win-back of bonuses. In case of any questions, you always can get in touch with Customer Support Services.

Reward for second deposit – 75%

Special for those, who have decided to stay in Golden Star Casino in order to win money, valuable prizes and return back a part of spent money amount. You can unlock the potential and earn good money with help of profitable bonus credited for second deposit.

The bonus is credited when the balance is credited by the minimum amount of 20 EUR. Prior to deposit, it is required to key-in the bonus code GS75.

In order to receive the bonus, a player is required to win-back with wager x40 and maximum bet amount of 1 EUR. Maximum reward amount – 100 EUR.

Rewards for third deposit

Take a chance and become an owner of 50% reward with a maximum amount of 300 EUR by using this Casino offer. It is enough to top-up the balance with an amount exceeding 20 EUR. You are required to win-back the bonus with a maximum win-back stake of 1 EUR (and wager x40). 

50% + free spins — Weekend Bonus

Casino makes an offer to players, who have made a minimum of 3 deposits of 20 EUR every day from Friday to Sunday. However, avoid misusing this offer, because the Weekend Bonus is awarded in case of an active game during a period of time prior to bonus itself. 

In order to activate the bonus, you are required to key-in bonus code LUCKY50 before depositing. 

The win-back is performed with a wager x40 and maximum win-back stake of 5 EUR. Accrued spins will also be active within 3 days, i.e. 20 spins per day.

Statuses and Privileges

There are special levels created to award regular players – an additional type of bonus program.
Reward points (CP) are credited for playing slot machines, tournament wins and participation in promotions.
Transition from one level to another is based on accrued CP points. Any new level brings new opportunities. In this case, all the new privileges are very important, because they provide maximum comfort for the game with maximum profit. There is a status associated with every new level.
Exchange rate of CP to real money depends on player’s status. A higher status considers a more profitable points exchange rate and different number of privileges. Real money is paid out in a bonus form, which you are required to win-back with a maximum stake of 5 EUR and x3 wager.

Golden Star Statuses:
  1. New Star — awarded right after registration. Exchange rate – CP 15:1
  2. Bronze Star — awarded after 150 СР are accumulated. Those points are possible to be exchanged to real money with an exchange rate of 14:1
  3. Silver Star — for true fans of gambling with bonus account not less than 1000 СР. Exchange rate – 13:1
  4. Golden Star — awarded to players, who have managed to collect 5000 CP points. At this level, you can exchange CP points to real money with an exchange rate of 12:1
  5. Platinum Star — awarded to a player, who has 15000 CP points. This status has an exchange rate of 11:10
  6. Black Pearl — the highest status with an impressive exchange rate. This status can be achieved upon reaching 30000 CP points

Rules and Conditions of Receiving Rewards 

Maximum withdrawal amount received during registration is 50 EUR. The remainder is written off in favor of casino. The prize amount won with help of bonus funds can reach maximum of 10000 EUR. Any amount exceeding this limit will be annulled.
Bonuses are based on certain conditions and requirements. Detailed information is listed in bonuses description separately. The credited rewards have certain limitations in terms of stake amount during win-back. You can withdraw the bonus money only once you complete all conditions of win-back.
Bonuses are valid within 14 days, if there is no other information available. Once the period is over, the bonus is cancelled. Withdrawal cannot be completed if all win-back requirements are not met. Bonuses cannot be combined. Only one bonus at a time can be activated. A player has the right to select game mode.
Live games are not part of win-back. All funds earned with rules violation are subject to confiscation. Games with free spins are different when deposit is in BTC.
Bonus program conditions can be changed or updated without any prior notice.

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