If you want to know if there are any feedback, comments or testimonials left, you will have to check this page. We have collected information from many players who used the services of 21.com Casino. Those Canadians have been very honest with us and we have managed to gather incredible information about this casino brand.

To make it easy for you to understand the different points of the players at 21.com Casino, we have made two separate sections, one for the advantages and one for the disadvantages. Normally, the benefits were a lot more as this is one of the most reputable online casinos which values their most loyal and regular players.

21.com Casino Advantages

It is amazing to see that there are so many positives about the 21.com Casino. It looks like the players who are using the platform are more than satisfied. Many advantages we managed to find in the different blogs and sections of our websites. The best thing is the great promotions which are available for all customers (new and existing). In the past, there were problems with the withdrawals but now, they are being executed extremely fast and a lot of people are loving this fact. But this is not everything, the rest of the advantages, you can read below:

  • Generous welcome bonus for every new customer
  • Very fast withdrawals, happening within hours
  • Eye-catching design with nice simple colours
  • 24/7 customer support with a live chat option
  • A huge diversity of online casino games

21.com Casino Disadvantages

As every casino, 21.com is having some things which people really dislike. The biggest issue is that, up to date, the website is restricted for most of the countries. Do not worry if you are a resident of Canada, you will have the option of joining the platform. Still, read what we have gathered as information about the negative points, which you may face as a member of 21.com Casino:

  • Many countries are restricted to join the casino platform
  • Suspension may follow if your account is inactive for more than 30 days

Feedback & Testimonials

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Ronald K. 09.11.20

Every night I am using the services of 21.com Casino. It is a fantastic way to finish your day, playing some of the most popular and famous online slots. You will have to try it, sitting on the sofa, drinking nice whiskey and testing great casino games

Franky R 05.11.20

I was able to create an account once I have relocate to Canada. The website is restricted in my home country - the United Kingdom. I do not know why it was not possible for me to open and join the platform. Still, it is fine as I am going to stay in Toronto for the next 2-3 years. I will surely use the services of this casino.

Anthony S 03.11.20

Recently, I have joined 21.com Casino and in the first time, I was not surprised or fascinated. But it looks like the platform is very fast and nice because it caused me no problems. I have even managed to win a few Canadian dollars which I cashed out immediately

Alexander D. 01.11.20

The website of 21.com Casino is amazing. In the past, I used to have some issues withdrawing my funds but it looks like it is fixed now. I am getting everything on time and I am very happy with this fact. I think I can play here like forever!

Oxlade A. 29.10.20

I am not happy with the site. Everyone says that the withdrawals are fast but they are not so quick for me. The past week, I did a request for C$500 withdrawal and it was declined for no reason. A few hours later I got an email that it has been already paid out. I do not know what is wrong but I am simply not satisfied.

Boyko M. 28.10.20

I am unhappy about the fact that my country is restricted and I cannot play the 21.com Casino games. I saw that there are amazing benefits for all existing customers of the brand. In addition, if I was allowed to make signup, I would get a huge welcome bonus, matching 100% my initial deposit.

Jamie S. 12.10.20

My wife and I are totally devoted to 21.com Casino. It is an amazing brand with many incredible features. Our favourite titles are available on the list with the casino games and every night, we are drinking wine and playing them for fun! We are even considering depositing some real money to try our luck!

Connor T. 07.10.20

If you are looking for a safe and very well protected website, 21.com Casino is your ideal place. You will find a great selection of online casino games. In addition, lots of bonuses and promotions are expecting you...

Junior S. 04.10.20

Amazing brand! I have recommended it to all my friends and relatives. I believe that it will be improved even more as still there are some bugs. For me, it is not an issue but some other players might find those little bugs annoying

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