CrazyFox Casino Feedback & Testimonials

In case you are still not sure about CrazyFox Casino, you may find pretty interesting to see what other people are saying about this new casino brand. Before that, we will try to provide some keys and facts about it. You will get also some disadvantages and cons which the players really do not like. After all, it is impossible for one online casino nowadays to have only pros, right?

CrazyFox Casino Advantages

Definitely, this is one of the few online casinos with great cashback offers. In addition, the platform is unique and fast, very secured and fully protected. The design is specially created for the players, so they can get an ultimate gaming experience while playing at CrazyFox Casino. On top of that, the payments are happening instantly and there are no wagering conditions.

  • Incredibly fast payouts.
  • Innovative platform secured with SSL protection.
  • Absolutely no rollover requirements.
  • 24/7 Customer Support.
  • Huge list of payment methods.
  • Many languages are available.

CrazyFox Casino Disadvantages

Just like any other online casino, there are some things which the different players do not like. The good thing is that at CrazyFox, these things are not that many. In the list below you will see some of them but if you find something else, do not hesitate to reach us so we can make a better and more informative section.

  • PayPal is not accepted as a payment method.
  • There is no Welcome Bonus promotion.
  • No VIP Programme is existing.

Feedback & Testimonials

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George 28.05.20

Unfortunately, I am not allowed to play at CrazyFox. I do not know why the United Kingdom is among the restricted countries. Guys, can you tell me when you are going to get a license, so I can make my free registration?

Amal 28.05.20

Do you believe in the luck? Since I have started playing at CrazyFox, I thought there is no chance for me to win something. I tried this game Monopoly Live and I started winning. The feeling is extraordinary. I recommend it strongly!

Victor 28.05.20

“I will recommend this online casino website to all my friends. Yesterday, I hit the jackpot on the slot game Leprechaun Goes to Hell. The feeling is amazing. Believe me, this is my first jackpot win ever. I will never forget it!

Haroon 28.05.20

This is one of the greatest online casino sites, operating in Pakistan. My whole family adore playing at CrazyFox Casino. We have already won twice the lottery and we hope that soon we will do it for the third time!

David 28.05.20

I am originally from the UK but for a very long time, I am living in Bulgaria. The situation here is difficult and not many online casinos are licensed. I found this brand accidentally and when I saw the Bulgarian language I knew it is legal and I can play there. I am so happy that I said it to all my friends. Highly recommend it!

Max 28.05.20

Interesting is the fact that no welcome bonus exists. Actually, in the beginning, I thought that I will miss it but it looks like I do not need it. After all, all the welcome bonuses are having impossible for execution wagering conditions. In the end, you are getting nothing. At least here if I lose something I am getting 20% back on the next day. Brilliant!

Felix 27.05.20

I do not know what to say! This website is simply amazing. I think I will very soon hit the lottery and I will cash out a huge prize. I have never thought that such online casinos like CrazyFox exist.

Moritz 27.05.20

I have spent so many weekends, playing on CrazyFox Casino website. It is so awesome, that I have recommended this platform to all my friends. I think I need to get cash for this! I will definitely consider making an affiliate account.

Edith 26.05.20

I am not sure how I reach this amazing website. I always wanted to find a place where if I have a bad day, I will get some cash returned. Definitely, I will not stop playing on this website. It is a pure treasure to have casino sites like that!

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