Maneki Casino Feedback & Testimonials

Just like any other online casino, Maneki Casino is having good sides and bad sides. We are sure that you will want to see all of them. We have summarized the players’ opinion from all over the world in one place. Definitely, the advantages are more than the disadvantages, still, there are such and we need to pay more attention to them.

It looks like that at Maneki Casino, you can be a different player. What does this mean? As a player in a regular online casino, you will have to follow some certain rules and regulations and to be very careful what you are giving as information to the others. The good thing at Maneki Casino is that you need to follow the latest terms and conditions but you can also freely share your opinion to all of the players who are willing to play there.

Maneki Casino Advantages

At Maneki Casino, you will like almost everything. There are extremely good online slots and huge casino game selection. The live chat is supported by a team of professionals who are working 24/7. But there are also some other very nice benefits if you are a customer of this lovely website. Below we did a small list with some of the most important advantages, according to us and our readers.

  • Very fresh design with simple and nice colours.
  • Super-fast platform with perfectly well-working functionalities.
  • Many online casino games with great storylines.
  • Exclusive promotions for new clients and reload bonuses.
  • Big selection of tournaments with great cash prizes and stunning awards.

Maneki Casino Disadvantages

Of course, we cannot just pass the negatives. There is no online casino brand without a single minus. Actually, the disadvantages at Maneki Casino are not that much. Honestly, we do not like the fact that NetEnt is not a licensed operator on this website. Also, there are lots of countries which are restricted from having any access to the member zone.

  • Payouts can take a while before being processed.
  • Many countries are restricted from visiting the website.
  • NetEnt is not available as a gaming software provider.

Feedback & Testimonials

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Carren 05.06.20

I am sure for myself that this is the ideal place for playing. There are really lots of games. Of course, I am playing only a few of them but still, I think I have not seen everything. I want to hit some big jackpot soon. Hope this happens!

Alicia 05.06.20

The Maneki Casino is absolutely amazing. Most of the games are great. They are loading fast and secure. I do not think there are some weak and bad sides. The online casino is simply amazing and I would like to recommend it to everyone who is wondering whether to start playing there!

Ross 05.06.20

Where are the NetEnt games people? I would like to play Starburst but it looks like it is not available. The support team cannot give me a proper answer to my question. Please, guys, help me with this .. after all, NetEnt is the biggest provider in the gaming industry

Xavier 05.06.20

Can I know why my country is blocked. I am finding difficult to make signup. I can see that the casino site is amazing and it will be a shame if I am not being able to join. I love the cat and the colours. The welcome bonus seems perfect to get started too!

David 05.06.20

I like the site pretty much. It is a great place where you can play a lot of online casino games. I have recommended it to all my relatives and sometimes, we gather together to play our favourite slots while chatting and drinking wine

Michael 05.06.20

Not a single bad word I can say about this website. It has a great selection of online casino games. I like the style and layout. It looks like the company who stands behind is very experienced. They are definitely willing their customers to be satisfied

Eugen 05.06.20

I am confident for the future of Maneki Casino. So far, everything has been perfect. To be honest, I was a little bit sceptical in the beginning but it looks like the website is a very special place with excellent community and a team full of professionals

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