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Invented back in 1994 by Derek Webb, Three Card Poker has been around for as long as Poker has existed. In this card game, the rules are somewhat deferent and unconventional. It’s just between the gambler and the casino dealer.

What is three card poker?

Basically, when it comes to playing poker, the rules and strategies depend on the variant selected. The most popular and fan favourite that is played by most poker games is Texas hold’em. When playing Texas hold’em, it’s all a game of confidence and the winning combinations are well organised. To play the game, each gambler is dealt with two cards face-down (cards are known as hole cards), and five cards face-up (community cards) in three instances. All of the international marquee tournaments (including WPT, WSOP, EPT, etc.) are played using Hold’em variation of this Poker. The other dominant variation of poker is Omaha poker. This variation of the game is mainly played using only high hands, however, the high-low split version is also a fan favourite. Omaha High-low (also referred to as Omaha Hi-Lo, or Omaha hi/lo, or Omaha high/low etc.) is played on an international scale, picking up different names from different regions. In Europe the most commonly played variant is Omaha limit high. This game is different and it depends on where you are playing from. Although not as widespread as the first two, Seven Card Stud Poker is also a beloved variant. Matter-of-factly, before the rise and takeover of Hold’em, Seven Stud was the go-to poker variant. Then there is the catchy three-card poker game. This variant of poker has been around for as long as poker the card game has been around. Three Card Poker has remained steadfast and currently enjoys a safe position as one of the most famous and widely played variations of Poker. Now, you are most probably wondering how to play this game.

How to play three card poker?

Here are the basics to Three Card Poker; 

  • The first step is for the player to make a bet or an ante
  • Dealer dishes out the deck of cards giving each player three cards, himself included. The dealer’s cards are face-down while the players’ can be turned over and examined by each individual player
  • The player that placed an ante bet has to either fold or raise. Raising means the gambler increases their ante bet by 100% and folding means the gambler forfeits the ante wager.
  • Dealer turns the cards face-up and they need a queen-high or better to qualify
  • Failure to qualify, the dealer loses and gambler wins all the money on ante bet which can be used as an ante bet and play bet is a push

 These are just the preliminary stages of Three Card Poker. The player and dealer can carry on this game and there are chances of doubling the bet and doubling the win. This slow-paced table game is quite simple and engaging. Gamers only need to remember that when playing Three Card, the strategy is to; 

  • Raise with Q× 6× 4×
  • Fold everything else

Where to play 3-card poker?

When looking for trusted websites that offer one of the most trusted and oldest forms of poker, gamblers should take into consideration the quality that the casino offers.

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