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Caribbean Stud poker is an exciting card game found in online and land-based casinos, where players are set against the house. This means that bluffing is pretty much useless.

Caribbean Stud poker primarily uses the principal as the five-card stud poker, but it allows the players to increase their chances of winning. The game is pretty simple to play, and you can enjoy your favourite glass of wine or other drinks as you continue to play. Keep reading to learn how to play, standard rules and winning strategies.

How to play caribbean stud poker

To start the game, the players take a sit on the table, and they must place their ante bets on the market spots to be eligible for a hand. Most casinos have a jackpot feature on Caribbean stud poker and you can also opt-in before the dealer closes the betting table. If you choose to play the jackpot, you can drop a chip in the slot, to reserve that sit for that game. 

The dealer deals 5 cards to everyone at the table and turns over one card. The dealer pushes the remaining cards to the player, and you are free to check your cards at this time. You can decide to either play or fold the hand, depending on what you see on your cards. Just like a standard poker game, you will have to raise the stakes on the table if you decide to play the hand.

After all the players have taken a decision and raise-bets placed, the dealer compares his hand with everyone on the table. For the dealer’s hand to qualify to play, an Ace and a King have to be among his cards or any other top-ranking poker hand. When the dealer fails to qualify, the ante bets get paid to the remaining players, while the raise bets get returned on the table.

Caribbean stud poker standart rules

In online casinos, the rules of this classic game vary from one house to another. However, some fundamental rules of Caribbean stud poker do not change, no matter where you go. These rules include:

  • A player can only hold one hand and cannot wager or hold several hands at the table.
  • Players are forbidden to communicate to the other players or the dealer about the hand while playing.
  • Players who talk about the hand with the dealer or other players on the table forfeit their wagers. This is formally known as a ‘dead hand.’

Caribbean stud poker strategy

The simplest strategy to win this game is to play a hand with ‘A’ and ‘K’, which significantly reduces the possibility of the casino winning. This strategy is great to use in these three situations:

  • If the dealer shows a King and an Ace as his face cards. This is an optional time to raise the hand with a ‘J’ or ‘Q’.
  • If the dealer has a 2 to a Q as his face up cards and you have the same card in your hand. This creates what is formally known as the “Blocker Effect”.
  • Play any pair of cards with an A-K and fold if you have less.
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