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Have you always wanted to play an interesting card game with no complexities? If yes, baccarat is just the kind of game that you will love. Playing this classic card game is very simple, as it follows a very strict procedure after placing the bets and the process is more or less automatic. This makes the game more exciting to players. Though it’s simple to play this game, we all know that playing a game you don’t understand is no fun at all. Here is a quick read that will not only allow you understand the basics of baccarat but will also help you understand why you have lost or won a bet.

Whether you are a beginner or a master baccarat player, it’s quite easy to play this game online or in a casino. To play the game, each player takes a spot on the 14 players table, and the cards are dealt face up after placing the bets. The player and the banker gets two cards each, and whichever hand adds up to nine or get closest wins. Here are some rules to show you how to play baccarat and win: 

  • If the banker or the player’s hand adds up to eight or nine, they both stand. This is known as a natural hand.
  • If the player’s hand total is equal to five or less, the player gets another card or chooses to stand
  • If the player stands, the banker hits if his hand adds up to six or less.
  • If you bet on a tie, the payout is 8:1, since this is quite rare to happen.

 To know your score quickly after getting the cards, you can add up their numbers together and get a number between 0-9. If the number is greater than 10, the right digit is taken as the value of that hand. Luckily, this is done automatically in an online casino. Here is how to count the hand values: 

  • Their face value takes 2-9
  • 10, Jack, King and Queen are counted as 10
  • Ace is worth 1

How to play baccarat in a Live casino

Have you always wanted to enjoy the classic experience of an elite casino game associated with high rollers, top-drawers, and elegant dressers? If so, playing baccarat in a live casino should be your thing. In big casinos, millions of dollars can change hands at a baccarat table within a few hours, and therefore there are rule and regulations to protect the players. As you can expect, there are different baccarat rules in each casino, higher minimum bets, high payouts and a glamorous dress code. At the table, three casino staffs are monitoring the game, a callman and two dealers. The dealers take the bets and the player holding the shoe with the cards facing down deals the cards. Only the call man only turns up these cards, and the shoe is passed from player to player for every round.

Start playing online baccarat today!

Now that we have seen that it’s easy to play Baccarat, you can go ahead and give it a try by betting on a few hands. You only need to place your wager and carefully follow the game to ensure that you don’t get shortchanged by the dealer. That being said, you will need to understand the basic playing strategy, the rules, and common baccarat terms. Online baccarat eliminates the barriers to playing the game in a casino, and you don’t have to buy expensive outfits to fit in. More importantly, they have very low minimum bets, and you don’t have to worry about the security of your money. Pick a reputable online baccarat casino and start playing now!

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