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Have you ever wanted to play an online game that looks like bingo and is purely based on luck? If so, keno online is just the type of game that you need. You will be delighted to know that this exciting game is available in many online casinos and the player experience is a blast. Keno is basically a lottery game that incorporates unique features and allows the players to win according to their luck. Up till several years ago, you had to visit a local casino to play the game. Thankfully, it’s now just a click away on various online casinos. The convenience of the game is just one of the main reasons why you will love playing it. Here are a few more:

Why play online keno?

Whether you are sitting on your home sofa or your office chair, you will enjoy playing online keno. Here are a couple of reasons why you will love to play online Keno: 

  • It’s mindless – unlike most online card games, keno does not require any experience, and you don’t need to make any other choices after picking your numbers.
  • Freedom to control the game – if you hate waiting for a game to start for you to try your luck, Keno is the game for you. You have the control over every game.
  • Online keno is very exciting, and you have the freedom to play just a few numbers or a couple of them.

Keno online rules

Now that you have seen why online keno is exciting don’t hesitate to try out the game. Playing it is pretty straightforward, though most online casinos may be a bit different. The game typically consists of a pay table, keno card, and a few buttons. Here are four simple steps to follow when playing online keno:

  1. Pick an online keno game
  2. Choose numbers from the Keno grid
  3. Decide the amount you want to bet per game
  4. Wait for the draw of numbers and find out if you are in luck

Online keno strategy

In casino games like blackjack and roulette, you can do several things to win or mitigate your losses. Unlike in these games, we all know that winning cash at online keno is pretty random and there is almost nothing that you can do to change that. This means that having luck is the best way for you to win. That being said, you can try these strategy tips to generate a lucrative win from the game, or at least minimise the chances of having a bust.

Keno strategy tips

  • Try free play before investing your money
  • Find casinos with great payouts
  • Avoid selecting too  many numbers
  • Pick multi-race cards
  • Bet wisely
  • Carefully manage your bankroll

History of keno

Keno origin can be traced back to China, and it has been around for thousands of years. Formerly known as the “Pigeon Game”, this prestigious game of chance was first seen in the Han Dynasty during the reign of Cheng Leung, over 3000 years ago. The game initially consisted of 120 characters, until the mid 19th century, when it was introduced to America and the name changed to keno. Having hit America in the 1930’s, Keno eventually moved to other parts of the world and became a globally recognised game. Due to its demand, many online casinos have been left without a choice than to pick up this classic game of chance and successfully recreate the exciting keno experience. Today, keno is a click away!

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