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Ranked among the most popular and most recognized card games in the world, blackjack is an important ingredient at both live and online casino. This is a game that is designed to test players’ awareness, knowledge, and nerve when taking on the dealer. Blackjack is easy-to-learn and has continued to enthral millions for centuries across the globe. You are not likely to visit a casino, both physical and online, without a couple of blackjack games running as players aim for riches. For that, you need to be equipped with a good blackjack strategy guide. The essence of playing blackjack is for you to try and come up with a higher-scoring hand compared to the casino dealer, with a 21 total being the best hand possible. In a blackjack card game, Tens, Queens, Jacks, and Kings each carry a value of 10. An Ace is either worth 11 or 1. A face card and an Ace or 10 is what makes “blackjack”, something which every regular player loves to see on the felt. Read on for the best blackjack strategy as well as tips/pointers to some of the best sites when you want to play online blackjack.

Best site for online blackjack

Blackjack is one of the most recognisable and famous card games anywhere in the world. For centuries, this game has captivated players in both casinos and card rooms – and its popularity doesn’t show any sign of waning any time soon. You can play blackjack in practically every casino you visit and, of course even on online.  Today there are sites in their hundreds if not thousands where you can access online blackjack. You boost your blackjack winning odds when equipped with a blackjack guide. Figuring out which online sites are legit and which ones you are legally allowed to play on could be a big hassle. Here are some top picks on blackjack online sites when you can use your best blackjack strategy to rake in dollars. 

  • Betfair Casino: Established in 2006, it has been serving millions of satisfied players from all over the globe for years. This is a Malta Gambling Authority (MGA) licensed casino which ensures its safety and that it’s run by honest operators who keep the game rules. As a new player, you are entitled to redeem a 100% match deposit bonus on your first deposit valued up to $100, without needing a bonus code.
  • Cherry Red Casino: The best feature of this casino is their game logging system that is very detailed. This allows you to go back into your game history and checkup past wagers by date and time. The system lets you see your wager amounts, your winnings, and the detailed outcomes of your games. Cherry Red gives you the option to instant playing or downloading their free software and using that to play later. Both Non-U.S. and U.S. based blackjack players can play at this casino and they also have VIP memberships.
  • Ladbrokes Casino: One of UK’s most famous and well-recognized brands in the global online gambling sector. You can also enjoy playing live blackjack with professional dealers as you explore the casino’s live section on their site. Try your blackjack strategy at Ladbrokes today.
  • Casino Classic: This casino has been verified by security experts and it comes with a fast sign-up process. Play can be done online on a Windows PC, Mac or even your Blackberry or Android device. If you love playing mobile blackjack, this is a prime site worth checking out. It. however, doesn’t support players from the U.S.
  • Las Vegas USA Casino: Open to players from Canada and the U.S., this famous site has been in operation since 1999. It offers you 24-hour support in case you need assistance in navigating the site or when making claims on your blackjack winnings.
  • Bet365 Casino: This is certainly one of the gambling industry’s biggest names in terms of sports betting although they also offer a broad selection of online casino games. Join Bet365 for a game of live casino blackjack.
  • 888casino: This casino offers classic blackjack and a live blackjack option. It has been in business for over 20 years and is among the oldest market operators today
  • RoxyPalace Online Casino: Roxy has been running for over 10 years and it proudly boasts a payout rate of about 96%. On this site, you can play live blackjack, European blackjack, high limit blackjack or multi-hand blackjack.

Basic blackjack strategy

Whether you are playing blackjack online or live on the felt at a casino, the aim is simply to win; to attain a higher-scoring hand than the casino dealer, without tipping over 21.  The first thing you need to master is the blackjack basic strategy before you begin with card counting. The basic blackjack strategy is what will reduce the dealer’s edge to a mere 0.5% giving you better odds. Read on for more on the ultimate guide to blackjack. The most important single thing that a player needs to appreciate about the blackjack is that this is a game that involves player decisions. Different from any other casino game, your decisions when playing blackjack can impact how the casino hand plays out. This can contribute to a player’s losses or wins or at the table. As result of this truth, there is a blackjack strategy that has been proven mathematically to give you the best advantage as you play. This basic blackjack strategy should be used each time when playing if you want to have the best odds. If you want success, you have the ultimate guide to blackjack charts that show you how to implement a blackjack basic strategy. This is the foundation used by many to rake in dollars in their millions from casinos. An example of a blackjack basic strategy card is given below:

Blackjack strategy guide or card outlines how exactly you ought to optimally play taking into consideration what you have in relation to the blackjack dealer’s hand. Many new players usually make the blunder of playing or going with their gut feeling and fearing to bust as they play. Using the basic blackjack strategy every time is accepted by the pros as the best way of giving yourself more favourable odds.

Basic blackjack strategy comes with an order of operations

Different from lots of other casino games, blackjack involves both strategy and luck.  Essentially, the blackjack strategy guide or strategy has an order of operations.

  1. Should I/Can I Surrender? If playing at a site that offers Surrender (LS or late surrender), the player only has the surrender option on the first two cards dealt with him/her. You can’t surrender if already you have taken a hit card. This makes surrender your first consideration as you play your hand.
  2. Should I/Can I Split? To split only becomes an option when you have a pair as the first two cards or in case you have double 10-valued cards, e.g. a King and a Jack.
  3. Should I/Can I Double? When basic blackjack strategy calls for doubling, consider that as a really good thing because it could mean a likely win!
  4. Should I Stand or Should I Hit?  If the options described above don’t seem suitable for your hand, then you can opt to stand or hit.

The advanced blackjack strategies like card counting, shuffle tracking and clump reading can further boost your ability to even odds. The basic strategy is a necessity if you want to study these advanced techniques, though you can apply or discard intermediate strategies at your discretion.

Blackjack card counting

Once you master the blackjack basic strategy, you reduce the casino’s edge to only 0.5%. From there, the advanced strategy of counting cards makes it possible for you to swing the winning odds in your favour. The counting cards strategy allows the player to achieve a long-term winning edge over the casino, in a similar manner to how casinos gain the edge in the long-term over novice players playing without a blackjack guide. Blackjack is an adversaries’ game with your opponent being the casino’s dealer, and hence why you require the ultimate guide to blackjack if you are to emerge victoriously. Although blackjack comes with numerous variations, when playing standard Blackjack, you should aim to get a hand of cards that total 21 points without going over. The card’s face value is taken to be their points with the exception of King, Jack, and Queen (the Royals) that have a value of 10 each. The Ace is either 10 or 1. To begin play, the house dealer deals each blackjack player with two cards, both facing down, and to themselves, two cards, with only one of them facing down. You, the player are then able to view the card that is exposed card and you can speculate on values of the dealer’s hole and hand cards. For those players blessed with exceptionally good memory, it’s possible to mentally mark every card the dealer has, hand after hand. You can then deduct the number of remaining cards in the deck as well as the ones that have already been dealt. Following this deduction, you can tell whether it’s time to bet low or high. If, for example, only small cards have so far been revealed, then odds are great that Royals are going be the next hand of the dealer, and this might be your best time to make a high bet. If, on the other hand, only large cards have so far been revealed, your best option is to bet low, and you don’t have to worry about a bust.

Blackjack FAQ

What is the correct basic blackjack strategy?

Although blackjack only has a single correct basic strategy, it can, however, vary slightly from one game to the other just as casinos differ in details. It could also vary due to the number of decks being used in the different variants of blackjack.

What is the basic blackjack strategy based on?

The basic blackjack strategy is derived from a computer-based simulation. Someone taught a computer to play the game and then had it play the game using a couple of million hands and recorded the results.

And how can I trust the strategy?

By trial and error, the computer figured out which are the best decisions for the player from every possible situation. In this case, the “best decisions” are the ones where the player loses the least amount of money over time to the casino.

What is the big secret to blackjack winning?

To win in this game, you must have the knack for taking advantage of the situation. This means making a balance between your knowledge and skills with bankroll and risk factors. The ultimate guide to blackjack secret, however, is dedication and experience.

Is Blackjack card counting legal?

Card counting is essentially a mental activity. It is as legal as you would consider counting the money you have in the pocket with only your head. So long as no blackjack counting devices and machines are used, it’s legal. Some casinos, however, consider card counting as cheating and may ask you to leave if they suspect you of doing it.

Is cheating a concern in blackjack?

In long-established and large casinos, cheating should not be a concern. However, this could be different with out of the way, small casinos. As a player, the responsibility is on you to identify the tactics that are used in cheating, stay alert and thus keep yourself protected. If anything appears shifty, it’s best to simply leave the game.

What are other ways available to beat blackjack other than card counting? Years of blackjack playing and modifying have proven beyond any doubt that counting cards is the only unparalleled and unbeatable method. Many casinos, however, offer different blackjack variations, which could at times present players with unique windows of opportunities that can boost their wins. Such additional factors include comps, peeking, tells, shuffle tracking, front loading, flashing, basing, side bets, coupons, warps, rules, mistakes promotions, and new games. Before you begin a game of Blackjack, ensure that you fully understand that game variation rules. Should you have a question, most online casinos have excellent customer support teams on standby. So, why wait any longer? Register an online account with one of the above top online casinos, use the blackjack strategy guide reviewed above and start having fun as you make real money!

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