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For those of us who are simple and traditional, the idea of playing scratch cards online is just baffling, to say the least. Commonly known and loved for their chilled and simple nature of functioning with the use of a coin or any other curved sharp object to reveal the magic symbols or numbers beneath the paint, the concept of playing online might not exactly sound appealing.

But, because nothing stays the same, lovers of scratch cards need to learn how to play scratch cards online.

Playing online scratch card

To get started you need to place a bet by adjusting the amount. The option for changing the wager amount is done by clicking on the plus or minus button located on the coin selector.

After placing the scratch card wager, follow through with the following steps;

  1. Click on the New Card button. A card bearing the casino logo on it will appear on your screen
  2. To reveal the hidden symbols, use the mouse to click and scratch the surface. Alternatively, you can skip the use of the mouse and simply click the Showcard button—this move will reveal the symbols in one go without the suspense that builds up when using the mouse to gradually scratch.

How to win at scratch card online

The winning move when playing scratch card online depends on the results after scratching. The winning process is basically the same as when playing physical scratch cards. Winning combination is having three of the same symbol on the card.

Winners know if they have won because the winning combination will be highlighted on the screen.

When playing online scratch, the biggest win possible is 50x the bet placed. That is if 50x symbols are on the card after it has been scratched.

After the results have been revealed, winners get a price equivalent to the amount of the bet multiplied by the value of the winning symbol.

A simple but fun online casino game

Forget the how to play Scratch Cards Online question. Rather, focus on the mere fact that scratch card is a simple online casino game that comes with straightforward rules and wagering requirements. It also offers a high payout up to 50x your bet.

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