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There are several variants of online poker games. Actually, lovers of poker always point out this semblance when asked why they chose poker over other gaming titles. The Texas’em fault of poker has been around for as long as poker has been around.

As a variation of the poker card game, Texas Hold’em is played using seven cards. Two cards are used and referred to as the hole cards are dealt face down to each player (only the player can see these) while the other five are dished facing up. Card dishing happens in three stages.

Texas Hold’em bonus poker rules

When playing the game, allow the wind to blow you around. However, set rules and regulations and stick to them. Some of the rules that apply when playing poker include;

  • Player has to place the first bet aka ‘anke’ and bonus bet before the first two cards can be dealt to the player. This is not compulsory but highly recommended because others have payouts of up to 1000 times the bet.
  • The game is played using seven cards, i.e. two holes and five community cards.
  • After the holes have been placed, gamers have the liberty to check them out. And if they want, they can place additional bets based on what holes they have.
  • The first of the community cars are only dealt after the second round of betting has been made. The dealer places three cards known as flop, in the middle of the table for gamers to use.
  • The flop is dealt with next and after this is over, the next round of betting can begin with the player having to bet the same amount as they did on the ante in order to remain in the game
  • The next step is to deal with the next community card also known as the ‘turn.’ This is followed by more betting, again using the same amount as that placed in the ante. Finally, the last card called the ‘river’ is dealt
  • As soon as the river has been dealt, all cards are turned over and the five best card hand will be placed together with the seven available card. The gamer or dealer with the best hand wins the hand.
  • Gamers who fail to beat the dealer lose all their dealings for the day.

Texas Hold’em bonus poker payouts

This is a special wing of poker. Unlike most poker titles, the Texas Hold’em payouts tend to be set differently. Ake a look at how the bets are paid out;

  • Pair Aces (Both your hand and the Dealer’s Hand)– Pays 1000:1
  • Pair Aces – Pays 30:1 A/K Suited – Pays 25:1
  • A/Q or A/J Suited – Pays 20:1
  • A/K Unsuited – Pays 15:1
  • Pair Kings, Queens or Jacks – Pays 10:1
  • A/Q or A/J Unsuited – Pays 5:1
  • Pair of 2’s – Pair of 10’s – Pays 3:1

Texas Hold’em bonus poker strategy

Like any other product available in the market, Texas Poker Hold’em comes with a ward of strategies in its helm. Gamers are always working to break and crack the system to make gambling easier. Well, that might be a waste of time, but Texas Hold’em bonus poker strategy might just work.

Keep in mind that just like all the other online casino games, the house always has a better standing than the gamer. Still, that does not mean gamers should leave their fate be.

When developing a Texas Hold’em strategy, gamers need to calculate and develop a mathematically based strategy. However, when playing gamers need to remember that their strategy also depends on other factors such as time of placing a bet, folding or keeping the cards at given times during the game.

At the end of the day, this is one of the most exciting titles in the only casino industry. Gamblers have to develop their own strategies to help with the play time.

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